Powerful representation for car, truck and motorcycle accident victims

From the initial shock of the incident itself to the realization that you should seek legal representation for your injuries, an auto accident can be one of the most traumatizing experiences in your life. At Arora & LaScala, we leverage our more than six decades of combined experience to help you resolve the legal and personal issues that stem from the terrible circumstances of an accident. No matter how complex your case is or what the circumstances are surrounding your accident, we pursue your claim to the fullest extent. And because our clients come first, we’re happy to make home or hospital visits if your injuries prevent you from traveling.

Actionable representation when time is of the essence

According to the state and federal statutes of limitation for auto accidents, you must file an accident claim within a specified amount of time from the date of the accident. Exceptions apply to minors and mentally ill people, but statutory deadlines apply to every other case. In auto accident cases where the other driver was intoxicated, fractures occurred, or complicated and expensive medical care is required — among a variety of other important factors — it’s critical that you seek legal guidance right away. We handle all car, truck and motorcycle accident claims to help victims avoid unnecessarily devastating financial losses and emotional distress.

Our attorneys handle various types of collision cases

Not all accident claims are handled the same way. Processing claims for truck accidents can be an arduous process because commercial trucking liability laws are complex, with more than one party at fault. We can navigate those complexities for you. For car accidents, the law approaches compensation differently in work-related accidents than non-work related ones. Whatever the circumstances of your accident, we zealously pursue claims for compensation in each of the following common collision types:

Rear-end  The most common kind of car crash, this is usually the result of distracted driving. The courts often put the fault and liability on the person who rear-ends the other car.

Sideswipes  While some sideswipes inflict only minor blows, others can result in instant fatality. Even seemingly inconsequential sideswipes can result in blunt force trauma injuries.

Side-impact or T-bone – When a car is struck on its side, its passengers receive little protection. Those closest to impact suffer the most, though all passengers may sustain injuries.

Head-on  Often resulting in fatality, head-on collisions are often caused by drivers under the influence of an illegal substance, unable to see their lane.

Rollover – If a car rolls over, and that car is alone, it’s very possible that defective design or tires are to blame. SUVs and pickup trucks are the most likely vehicles involved in these accidents.

Pileups – Also referred to as chain-reaction collisions, pileups commonly cause whiplash injuries in addition to burns or smoke inhalation from vehicles that catch fire.


If you’ve been in an accident, you need experienced legal counsel that can help you every step of the way. Call Arora & LaScala at (404) 881-8866 or contact us online today for your free initial consultation. We proudly assist Spanish-speaking clients. (Se habla Español.)

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