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11/25/2019 –  Manny Arora helps clarify the twists and turns of the ongoing federal investigation into previous officials, appointees and employees of Atlanta City Hall..


10/03/2019 –  Manny Arora shares his thoughts (and historical background) on the impeachment process and what changes, if any, this may have on our daily lives.


08/07/2019 Arora Lascala attorney Nicole Moorman updating the public and fans of our musician client LilDurk as to his status.


06/20/2019 Arora Lascala are happy to report their musician client was granted bond today.


06/01/2019 Manny Arora and Nicole Moorman start their representation of Chicago musician Durk Banks.


04/04/2019 Arora & Lascala get ready to fight with the NCAA on behalf of former Georgia Tech assistant basketball coach.


03/11/2019 Arora & Lascala just concluded a tragic case in Cherokee County, Georgia that involved a car accident where three lives were lost. Hopefully, this gives closure to all involved and a fresh start for our client.


02/18/2019 Local news media seek out legal opinion from prominent attorney Manny Arora regarding the recent Ga. Supreme Court ruling on DUI law.


02/15/2019 Manny Arora fight back hard for their client on tragic triple vehicular homicide case.


11/19/2018 Arora & Lascala secure bond for their client in hotly contested murder case in Greene County.


09/28/2018 Arora & Lascala provide behind the scenes insight in alleged gang shooting involving hip hop icons.


09/04/2018 Arora & Lascala start preparing in earnest to defend their client who is charged with the murder of his close friend.


08/21/2018 Arora & Lascala secures a dismissal of all charges against our client involved in a tragic heroin overdose case that resulted in his friend’s death. 


08/15/2018 Manny Arora very happy for our client Adam Gotsis. He will not be have charges pursued against him by the Fulton DA.


08/09/2018 Manny Arora pursuing seminal case regarding Georgia’s drug amnesty law. 


08/08/2018 –  Manny Arora shares his insights about a Judge’s decision to release a teenage offender from custody, that months later was involved in a murder. 


06/15/2018 –  Manny Arora discusses the legal and ethical ramifications facing Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle.


06/13/2018 –  Manny Arora helps explain the parole “loophole,” based on a defendant’s age, in the Georgia Constitution.


06/06/2018 –  Manny Arora explains the legal consequences of the cyber attack that wiped out Atlanta Police video surveillance records.


05/23/2018 –  Manny Arora preparing to defend teenage driver on misdemeanor charges, after she was involved in a tragic auto accident from 2017.


05/18/2018 –  Manny Arora discusses the ongoing corruption investigation into Atlanta City Hall employees.


05/05/2018 –  Arora & LaScala hosting a town hall event in Sandy Springs for candidates vying for the open Fulton County Superior Court seat.


04/19/2018 –  If you missed her live interview, check out the replay of Sara Davis Becker discussing jury deliberations with CBS46’s Natalie Rubino.


02/09/2018 –  Manny Arora and Sara Becker take on the fight to help Shawn Clark. 


02/01/2018 –  Attorney Sara Davis Becker sets the record straight on behalf of our client involved in tragic accident in Henry County.


01/11/2018 –  Manny Arora analyzes the bribery scandal by City of Atlanta official.


10/27/2017 –  Manny Arora discusses the sexual harassment allegations against Dekalb County Commissioner.


10/13/2017 –  Opinion: Of law, pardons and executive privilege by Manny Arora


09/22/2017 –  Footage of Sara Davis Becker’s on air commentary regarding Reality Winner’s renewed request for bond.


07/26/2017 –  Sara Davis Becker discusses the potential criminal implications of the tragic death of a 5 year old at Cochran Mill Nature Center


07/11/2017 –  Sara Davis Becker discusses the Federal Excessive Force trial of former APD officer Trevor King with CBS46.


06/26/2017 –  Manny Arora’s Op-Ed re U.S. immigration laws published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.


06/21/2017 –  Sara Davis Becker talks with CBS46’s Brittany Miller about how the case against two escaped Georgia convicts is likely to proceed.


06/09/2017 –  Manny Arora discusses the next steps for NSA leaker after Judge denies bail.


06/07/2017 –  Manny Arora (former retired Air Force JAG officer) discusses the case against Reality Winner for leaking classified information.


05/15/2017 –  Manny Arora explains the impact of the Georgia Supreme Court ruling on how Fulton County selects its jury pool.


05/05/2017 –  Sara Becker speaks with 11alive about the Atlanta couple facing charges for running a taxi for escaped federal inmates.


04/27/2017 –  Prominent Atlanta attorney charged with murdering his wife. Manny Arora breaks down the next steps in the criminal process.


04/14/2017 –  Manny Arora comments on latest developments in prominent lawyer’s manslaughter case.


02/22/2017 –  Sara Becker – Inmate pleads not guilty after admitting to smuggling contraband into prison


02/17/2017 –  Sara Becker – Man convicted of killing officer re-sentenced


02/10/2017 –  Manny Arora – Fixing a long-running culture of corruption


01/31/2017 –  Manny Arora – A Super Bowl trip tempts some Georgia politicians


01/26/2017 –  Attorney Sara Becker talks with 11Alive’s Duffie Dixon about federal corruption charges involving city of Atlanta construction contracts.


01/18/2017 –  Attorney Sara Becker discusses the scope of the federal case involving potential bribery within city of Atlanta government with CBS46’s Christian De La Rosa


01/2017 –  Michael Lascala ranked top of the list in 2017 Georgia Super Lawyers Nomination, Research and Blue Ribbon Review Process


10/12/2015 –  Sara Becker fighting for release of fugitive who absconded from prison 34 years ago


9/21/2015 –  Arora discusses legal process surrounding the prosecution of brothers who attempted to kill their parents


7/16/15 –  Manny Arora comments on Athens police officer murder


07/16/15 –  Arora represents Rico Ritchie in drug conspiracy allegation


04/13/15 –  Debate brews over sentencing of APS educators


11/25/14 –  David Windecher discusses Michael Brown Grand Jury’s Findings


09/11/14 –  Legal expert @MannySArora discusses sale of @ATLHawks- CBS46 News.


06/16/14 –  @MannySArora comments on Andrea Sneiderman’s release from prison.


06/06/14 –  @MannySArora comments on DeKalb DA fights decision to team up with Crawford Lewis on appeal.


12/13/13 –  Attorney @MannySArora represents Clayton County Police Chief in racketeering investigations. 


12/13/13 –  Grand Jury declined to indict Arora LaScala client Clayton Co Police Chief Porter


12/05/2013 –  Attorney Manny Arora On GameTime Discussing Jameis Winston’s Case


12/03/2013 –  Attorney @MannySArora comments on possible plea deals in APS cheating case


11/27/2013 –  Attorney @MannySArora comments on Racketeering indictment served to Clayton County Police Chief Porter


07/15/2013 –  @MannySArora defends Clayton County Police Chief during GBI investigation for Financial Misappropriation. Follow us on Twitter: @ATLSuperLawyers – VIDEO


04/24/2013 –  Trial date set for Manny Arora’s client “America’s Most Wanted” Michael Jason Registe


03/27/2013 –  Manny Arora comments on APS cheating case


01/29/2013 –  Manny Arora comments on wiretaps in DeKalb corruption investigation


12/19/2012 –  Manny Arora comments on Mental Health Defense Theory on Parson Case – VIDEO


09/17/2012 –  Arora represents client before the Georgia Supreme Court on illegally obtained cell phone records


08/30/2012 –  Manny Arora comments on GBI Clayton County Office case – VIDEO


08/13/2012 –  Manny Arora represents Clayton County Police Chief in GBI Investigation


04/09/2012 –  Michael LaScala’s client avoids jail in connection with tragic accident involving H.E.R.O. driver


03/13/2012 –  Manny Arora comments on subpoenas served on Whitney Houston’s Atlanta doctors


03/07/2012 –  Manny Arora comments on Andrea Sneiderman case – VIDEO


02/17/2012 –  Manny Arora comments on Whitney Houston case – VIDEO


12/01/2011 –  Manny Arora comments on Hemy Neuman murder case – VIDEO


10/20/2011 –  Manny Arora comments on ATF Fake Tax Stamp case – VIDEO


10/05/2011 –  CNN’s HLN: Parade of girlfriends? Arora says the prosecution in the Conrad Murray trial needs to focus on the target.


08/30/2011 –  Arora comments on murder arrest of NBA player (Fox Sports South) – VIDEO


07/19/2011 LaScala represents former NFL quarterback –  VIDEO


07/06/2011 –  Manny Arora comments on Dunwoody Daycare killing case


06/07/2011 –  Manny Arora weighs in on Casey Anthony Verdict – VIDEO


05/24/2011 –  Michael LaScala provides statement in robbery investigation against Atlanta Falcon WR Roddy White’s cousin


05/23/2011 –  Manny Arora subpoenaed Facebook for information to support client’s defense


04/04/2011 –  Manny Arora comments on Neumann pleading Not Guilty


03/10/2011 –  Public corruption case concludes in misdemeanor probation for Arora’s client


10/15/2010 –  Judge moves Columbus Parks & Rec criminal case forward


07/27/2010 –  One of America’s Most Wanted retains Arora & LaScala


07/15/2010 –  Michael LaScala represents Ronnie Brown in DUI –  (case continued)


05/26/2010 –  Manny Arora comments on Dekalb Superintendent corruption charges


04/14/2010 –  CBS Radio-Pittsburgh interviews Arora for his expert analysis on Roethlisberger case (Listen to Audio)


03/15/2010 –  Manny Arora comments on Reuben Houston case


03/04/2010 –  Arora secures immunity for police officer in deadly shooting


03/04/2010 –  Police Officer Granted Immunity in Deadly Shooting –The Judge’s order


12/12/2009 –  DeKalb school official faces question of impropriety


11/01/2009 –  Jezebel Magazine “Attorneys of Distinction”


10/09/2009 –  Motion denied to remove Heidt judge from case


10/08/2009 –  SELS Presents Straddling the Lines


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